Character Voice For Everyone

Character Voice For Everyone
Character.AI Voice

March 19, 2024 Update

Character.AI Voice

Hello Character.AI Community!

From the beginning, our mission has been to make Character.AI simple to navigate and easy to interact with. Rooted in dialogue, the fundamental way individuals interact and understand their surroundings, the Character.AI experience is designed to be fun, helpful, and engaging, with a wide range of different Characters and personalities to interact with. We're thrilled to announce some exciting new updates for Character Voice, which we believe will enhance the experience for all users!

Character Voice is a suite of features that allows users to hear Characters speaking to them in 1:1 chats, taking the Character.AI experience to the next level. It is the first step in our larger plan to build a multimodal interface, which will facilitate more seamless, intuitive, and engaging interactions.

We launched a handful of Character Voice subfeatures to our Community the past few months, and are thrilled to share that Character Voice is now available for free to all users.

  • Voice library
    • Character.AI’s Voice library includes Voices that other users have created for the Community to choose from and assign to their Characters or existing 1:1 chats.  Our team has also created a selection of pre-made Voices.   
    • Users can hear Characters speak to them in 1:1 chats, as well as seamlessly toggling between different voices.
  • Create your own Voice!
    • Users are empowered to create their own Voices by uploading an audio sample or creating a recording via microphone directly from the app.
    • Just like our pre-made Voices, users can add the Voices they create to their own Characters and also attach them to 1:1 chats with other Characters. 
  • Search for different Voices
    • Users can create, share, search, and discover Voices with “public” visibility. 
    • These public, shared Voices can be used as default Character Voices by Character creators, or can be used by any users as their personal Voice preference for any Character in 1:1 chats.

Character Voice currently supports the English language only.  Given our growing global Community of users, we are working on adding more languages in the near future. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our user experience and our features, so experimenting and learning from our Community’s feedback is very important to us.  We look forward to discovering unique and engaging ways our Community brings Characters to life!


We've put a lot of thought into safety around this feature. Please visit our Safety Center for a list of safety measures we’ve already implemented around Character Voice, in addition to our approach to safety overall on our platform.

We are creating a world where possibilities are as infinite as the imagination, and empowering our users to maximize their lives by providing useful, accessible, and creative tools.  Our users are able to be the main characters in their own stories.  We’re looking forward to seeing what use cases our Community comes up with using Character Voice!

For additional feature information, please check out our FAQ.

New Feature: Character Voice

November 16, 2023

Character.AI Voice

Hello Character.AI Community!  

Today, Character.AI is excited to begin an early research preview of Character Voice to our Community, a beta feature where users can choose from a selection of pre-made voices to hear the Character speak to them in 1:1 chats.  We hope our users have fun interacting with their Characters that now can have a range of voices with nuanced emotion, personality, and tone.


Early testers can:

  • Change any Character's voice in 1:1 chats, selecting from a library of pre-made voices 
  • Seamlessly toggle different Character voices
  • Have the choice to enable or disable voice in their chats
  • Explore this feature on our mobile app (free to download on iOS and Android)

As of now, the voices supported are in the English language only. 

We look forward to our early research previews to the Community. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product for our users and continuously make improvements to our features.  As always, all thoughts, comments, and feedback about the feature are welcome!


For additional feature information, please check out our FAQ below.

Through Voice, conversations can become more deep and meaningful through nuances in tone and emotion.  The integration of Voice into our interactions with Characters can not only heighten the sense of realism, but also the power of imagination.  For example, many members of our Character.AI Community play text based adventure games with Characters.  Voice can now heighten the experience by adding a layer of suspense, thrill, and urgency.


As always, our users are the best at inventing creative use cases.  We are looking forward to seeing how our Community will engage with Character Voice!

First Group Chat, and now Voice- What else could be next for us?  Join us on our journey!

Character Voice FAQ