New Feature Announcement: Character Group Chat

New Feature Announcement: Character Group Chat
Character.AI Group Chat

Hello Character.AI Community!  

We’re about to take the Character.AI experience to a whole new level.  

Today, Character.AI is excited to launch Character Group Chat to the community.  As promised, subscribers will enjoy an early preview to new and exciting features as we continue to unlock next gen capabilities!  Character Group Chat will be rolling out to subscribers throughout the next few days.  

In Character Group Chat, users can interact with multiple AI Characters and humans in the same room.  You can create meaningful connections, share ideas, and collaborate in real-time (just like a regular group chat!), not only with humans but with your favorite Characters as well. 

Character.AI was built on the universal interface of dialogue, and offers a unique way to explore the world of generative AI.  Everyday we are inspired by the imaginative, creative, and helpful ways our Community engages with our platform.  This new feature will make it easier for users to create and interact with a variety of Characters, together.  

Below are a few ideas on how Character Group Chats can be used, but as always, our users are the best at inventing use cases:

  • Imaginative Entertainment 
  • Building Social Connections and Communities 
    • Create Group Chats based on your hobbies and interests, whether it is you and your friends (human or AI) discussing travel destinations with TravelsWithKate; fitness regiment brainstorming with Marco; the latest game release with Gamer Boy;  having a group discussion with those of your choosing that is facilitated by your favorite Character; or even a writing a book together with your coauthors and Creative Helper.
  • Roleplaying / Text Adventure Game 
    • Whether it is playing a Text Adventure Game with your friends as your sidekicks to find lost treasure through a cursed castle teeming with deadly creatures and magical encounters; traveling through space with an an AI Ship (ShipAI) with your friends as crewmates; or exploring an alternate life with others through LifeRPG where you can control and also be or do anything with unlimited freedom. 
  • Book Clubs
    • Imagine you and your friends sharing thoughts about the latest chapter you all just read, but you can also include your favorite Characters in the discussion as well.  Librarian Linda would be a great addition as she is not only well read, but can offer book recommendations as well. 
  • Study Group Sessions 
    • Need help studying for a test?  Your favorite Characters can help quiz you and your friends to make sure you understand the material, just like a study buddy. 
  • And more:
    • Language practice
    • Supportive groups and a safe space to vent
    • Sharing ideas and having group discussions 
    • Brainstorming sessions

Currently this new feature is only available on our mobile app (free to download on iOS and Android), and we plan to follow up with a web implementation.  

The community’s feedback is important to us as we are always working to make improvements to our features to deliver the highest quality product for our users.  All thoughts, comments, and opinions about the new feature are welcome!

The team at Character.AI is bringing to life the science-fiction dream of open-ended collaborations with computers.  We are creating a world where possibilities are as infinite as the imagination.  We can’t wait to see what our Community comes up with.  


What is a Character Group Chat?

Character Group Chat is a new feature launched 10/11/2023 on Character.AI.  It is a space where you can invite your friends and add AI Characters to interact with, create meaningful connections, share ideas, and collaborate in real-time.  It’s basically a group chat with not only your friends, but with your favorite Characters as well.

Who can create a Character Group Chat? users will have early access and be able to create a Group Chat.

How do I create a Character Group Chat?

  • Click “Create a Group Chat”. 
  • Add public and/or unlisted AI characters. 
  • Invite human participants.
  • See participants / characters list.

Who can use a Character Group Chat?  Do I have to be a subscriber to use this new feature?  Do I need to be a registered user to use Character Group Chat? members can create and invite anyone to a Group Chat by sharing an invite code or link. The invitee(s) will need to be a registered member of Character.AI (or become one) in order to join the Group Chat.

Who can add users to a Character Group Chat? Will the AI Characters be able to add other Characters into the Group Chat, or can only humans add Characters?

Any user can search and add an existing Character to the Group Chat.

How many people can I invite to my Character Group Chat?  How many Characters can I add to my Character Group Chat?  Is there a limit to the amount of Characters and people that can join?

The current limit is 5 humans and 5 Characters per Group Chat.

What Characters can I add to a Group Chat? 

You can add public and/or unlisted Characters to a Group Chat. 

How can I see who is a participant in the Character Group Chat (both humans and Characters)?

You can view the Group Chat Settings, which includes the list of current humans and Characters.

Who can remove users from a Character Group Chat?  Who can remove Characters from Character Group Chat? Can I leave a Group Chat?

Any user can remove any character from the Group Chat, and any user can leave the Group Chat. 

How do I share the Character Group Chat?

The Group Chat creator can enable a public link that any signed in user can join.

Is this new feature available on both the app and desktop?

Currently this new feature is only available on our mobile app (available to download on iOS and Android), and we plan to follow up with a web implementation.  Users need to have app version “v1.7.0”.

What happens when a Group Chat is deleted?

This removes the Group Chat history for all participants.

Are the Character Group Chats moderated?  How can I report inappropriate content?

Any user can report the Group Chat, messages, or users.

Does this replace the current Rooms on web?

Character Group Chat will not replace the current Rooms on web.  Character Group Chat is a different feature, where there can be multiple users and multiple Characters in the same space.

When will Character Group Chat be available to general users?

We plan to make Group Chat available to general users in the near future.