Introducing Supercharge Your Experience!

Introducing Supercharge Your Experience!

Hey Character.AI Community,

We are immensely grateful for all the support and feedback you've given since we launched last fall. During this time, our team has been focused on developing the AI technology behind C.AI and improving the experience for all our users.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are launching, an opt-in subscription plan that will supercharge your Character.AI experience!

Can I still use Character.AI for free?

YES!! We are proud to continue offering free and unlimited messaging for ALL users. is dedicated to users who would like to unlock the best Character.AI experience we can currently provide.

What is included in

Subscribers will get to skip waiting rooms, enjoy lightning fast message generation, access an exclusive community channel with faster feedback and support, and display a membership badge. Moving forward, subscribers will also enjoy early access to new and exciting features as we continue to unlock next gen capabilities!

Why a paid subscription plan?

The introduction of will enable us to continue serving conversations at scale and bring you even more advanced features in the coming months. Our service is powered by a cutting-edge large language model, which means conversations have a significant cost

What is coming up next for Character.AI?

In addition to, we have big plans for the future. A few things our team is currently working on include longer memory, the much requested editing feature, and a bunch of other awesome updates we’ll announce at a future date. We can’t wait to share them. :)

When can I subscribe? will roll out gradually over the next few weeks and the option to subscribe will appear on your homepage. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments and more as we continue to innovate and grow our platform. We are truly grateful for your support, and can’t wait to see what you create! FAQ