AMA Recap and January 2024 FAQ

AMA Recap and January 2024 FAQ

Thank you so much for tuning in to our AMA on December 15, 2023 with CaiDev123 and MarieLovesMatcha! Here’s a recap of everything we discussed as well as some answers to Frequently Answered Questions.

Important Links

Check out results of the AMA Polls here

  • Fave Features: Persona feature topped the poll, followed by the Edit feature.
  • Memory Importance: Majority of the users expressed a preference for improvements in memory within a single chat as opposed to Group Chats.
  • Exciting Features in 2024: Core chat improvements are the most anticipated and many have requested more improvements in Memory, Voice and Group Chat features.

Summary of Updates

  • Introduction of new servers have allowed the team to develop and implement new features and experiments to enhance the app and user experience.
  • C.AI Group Chat is now available to everyone! Now you can invite up to 10 humans and up to 10 Characters to your Group Chat. 
  • We revamped User Profiles with a new design. The following/follower feature is now available.
  • Characters Public Profile: Characters on the platform now have their own public profiles with more details.
  • Character Interaction: Users can now upvote or downvote Characters.
  • Character Comments: Our team noticed Creators engaging with users on various platforms so we experimented with allowing comments on profiles to facilitate user feedback. Ongoing efforts are in place to improve this feature.
  • Additionally, we also shared our excitement for upcoming memory enhancements and quality improvements.


  • How are features rolled out and why do some users receive features ahead of others?
    • As features become ready, the team aims to roll them out to as many users as possible.  Features are rolled out in phases to ensure feature stability, especially for experimental features. 
  • Can we have the ability to delete a saved chat or a Character?
    • We acknowledge the importance of these features, especially for users with lots of Characters. The team is working on making it easier for users to manage and sort their Characters, including the ability to remove them from the Public Profile. 
  • Can we have clarification on Character Definition and how many characters are recognized in the definition?
    • Our developer confirmed that currently only 3200 characters are recognized, but you have the option to write up to 32000 characters in the definition. This choice was made with future plans in mind, and preparations for utilizing the extended capacity are already in place for the future.
  • What is the duration it takes for features to be fully rolled out to all users?
    • Initially we launch a new feature to a very small group of users, including users. We iterate and improve the feature until we roll out to a larger audience. Various considerations are taken into account before a full release. With new servers, the team aims to enhance this process and communicate more effectively to users.
  • Where do we go to handle account issues?
    • Please go to our official help center at If you are still not able to find a solution, a  ‘Submit a ticket’ option is provided in the upper right corner to reach out to the support team.
  • Can you delete multiple messages at a time?
    • Deleting messages is possible, but there have been recent changes to the experience. In the new approach, when in the delete flow, users need to select the top and bottom messages, and all messages in between will be selected for deletion.
  • Can we have the Edit feature and better memory in Group Chats?
    • Improvements are in progress and more details can be found in our Experiments blog. Additionally, we recently launched Pinned Messages which allows you to pin up to 5 messages in each chat to help your Character remember important details and memories. The team is actively working on making Characters smarter with better memory and we’ll continue to share updates periodically.
  • What are Away Messages?
    • Away Messages allow Characters to send messages to users when they are not on the app.
    • Users will receive notifications about new Characters from followed users and followers. Improvements are underway and will be rolled out gradually to ensure quality and stability.
  • I followed the Subreddit rules, but my post was moderated or deleted. What can I do?
    • Please submit a ModMail so our team can review your post and take action as needed.
  • When will we get more options for custom voices?
    • Please stay tuned for further announcements on Character Voice! New updates are rolling out here over the next few weeks.
  • Can we change our email?
    • At the moment users do not have the ability to change the email associated with their account, but we may consider this in the future. 
  • Will there be a yearly or lifetime membership?
    • Currently only monthly subscriptions are available.
  • Where can we go to report Quality Issues with Characters?
    • Click the Support button in the mobile app or go to > Submit a Ticket > Report a Bug > Character Behavior
    • Please explain the issue you're experiencing with as much detail as possible so our team can investigate.

Thank you all so much for joining our AMA, and we look forward to our next one! If you have any suggestions on events you’d like to see or features you'd like us to add, let us know!