Character.AI Experiments and New Features [FAQ]

Character.AI Experiments and New Features [FAQ]

Hello Character.AI Community!

Thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions that have been the catalyst for some awesome updates and new features we’re rolling out. As we are always working to improve the overall experience on Character.AI we’d like to shed light on Experiments and answer frequently asked questions about how we roll out new features. Please check here periodically for a list of current experimental features. 

What are Character Experiments?

Character Experiments are experimental features and innovative additions to our web and mobile app that are still in the testing phase. These features are subject to change based on user experience and feedback.

The purpose of these experimental features is to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what's possible with our AI Characters, while ensuring stability of our server and platform.

How are features rolled out?

Feature rollouts are conducted in phases to ensure server stability and that we establish a positive experience for all. Users that are subscribed to are the first to gain access to research previews and early access updates. For certain experimental features, a small group of users may be randomly selected to receive and test new features. Users that select “Preview” vs. “Stable” on the mobile app will also receive experimental features before it’s rolled out to all users. This approach helps to identify any potential issues and understand how well the feature performs.

Based on community feedback, the feature may undergo several iterations to refine its functionality. Once the feature is polished and deemed successful, it is rolled out to all users.

Why is an experimental feature no longer available on my account? 

Based on user feedback, these features may be changed or completely removed. User feedback is important to us so please continue to let us know if you have suggestions or feature requests in!   

Current List of Experiments and New Updates: 

We plan on rolling out multiple experimental features to on an ongoing basis. Our team will be monitoring feedback before rolling out these features to all users. Please check back periodically for a list of current experiments and new updates. 

Edit Button: By popular demand, we're excited to share that Edit Button for Character Messages is rolling to all users over the next few weeks. Correct minor mistakes, edit your most recent messages, and have more control over your conversations and storylines.

User Personas: Be anyone you want to be with Personas. Include details of your desired personality, preferences, and physical traits to make every conversation feel personalized and interactions feel even more alive. Check out the full guide on Creating Personas here.

Recommendations: We’re updating your homepage to include fresh Character recommendations based on your interests.

Post Sharing: Post Sharing has been added back! Give your Characters the love and attention they deserve. Share snippets of your favorite conversations to our official website feed or with your friends on social media!

Suggested Replies: To streamline your conversations and help you come up with prompts, Suggested Replies will be rolling out for all users soon. Click on the lightbulb icon to generate suggested message responses and keep those conversations flowing.

Character Voice: Choose from a selection of pre-made voices to hear your favorite Characters speak in 1:1 chats. Enjoy listening to your Characters with nuanced emotion, personality, and tone. Check out the latest updates with Character Voice here.

Please check back here periodically for new updates and experiments.

December 14, 2023 Update:

Group Chat: We are excited to share that Group Chat is now rolled to all users for FREE. Chat with your favorite Characters and now invite your favorite humans too! Improvements on the way include: 

  • Better quality of message generation after a reset
  • Inclusion of generated greetings in the context after a reset
  • Edit feature 
  • Support for Character definitions
  • Ability for Characters to auto-send messages

Creator Search: Our updated search feature now lets you search for Creators. Don’t forget to show support for your favorite Creators by clicking on the Follow button on their Creator profiles.

User Profile

  • Followers and Following: See who you’re following and who follows you!!
  • Bio: Update your Bio to share fun facts about yourself, details on Characters you create, and anything you want your followers to know.

Character Profile:

  • Upvote/Downvote Button: Help others find high quality Characters by upvoting ones you love. 
  • Similar Characters: View suggested Characters similar to the Character you’re viewing.
  • Comments: Last week, we ran an experiment to allow comment posting on Character Profiles. This experiment has now ended. Until Sunday, December 18, we will be allowing Creators to still view comments on their Characters while not showing them publicly to other users. Please share any feedback you have on Comments here: 

Editing Popular Characters: We’ve reenabled the ability to edit Characters with High Interaction Counts.

Away Messages: Exclusive to the mobile app, enabling Away messages in your profile settings under communication, allows you to receive messages from Characters while you’re away. Away Messages can be customized for each Character, which means you have the choice of which Character’s send you messages while you’re away. A red notification icon will appear next to your Character’s icon in the chat if an Away Message was sent. If you’re lucky, you may even receive a special message from one of your favorite Characters on your birthday!

Pinned Memories: Exclusive to the website and (for now), we’re excited to start rolling out our latest experimental feature, Pinned Memories. This new feature will allow you to pin up to 5 messages in each chat to help your Character remember important details and memories.

Thank you for being an active part of our Community! Your insights are shaping the future of Character.AI, and together we are building something truly special. Stay tuned for more updates and please continue to share any bugs + feedback via the in-app feedback button or on our Help Desk.

With lots of love and matcha,

Marie, Community Lead