Introducing Our Next-Generation Web Platform

Introducing Our Next-Generation Web Platform

Character.AI is thrilled to unveil our new website refresh, a significant milestone in our mission to provide personalized AI for every moment of the day. This launch marks the transition to our new primary domain and celebrates moving beyond the beta phase we embarked on in September 2022.

A Leap Forward in User Experience and Reliability

Our latest website is the result of careful planning, thoughtful design, and strategic improvements in technology. More than just a new look, it's a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience, crafted on the valuable feedback from our dedicated community. And it’s not just a visual upgrade: We have completely rebuilt the site’s foundation from the ground up to deliver massive speed and reliability improvements. Early signals reveal average rendering improvements of over 3x, as well as a massive stability increase reflected by error-free sessions. We plan to post a more in-depth technical writeup in the near future of our learnings throughout this rewrite process.

Navigating Challenges with Community Support

Building an entirely new website from the ground up with a small team, while still supporting the old site and our other platforms, was a challenging balance. We greatly appreciate those of you who helped us test and identify issues during our earlier preview phases of the rollout. The feedback we received during those trials was critical in enabling our launch.

Celebrating the Past and Looking Towards the Future

As we refine our product vision and look towards the future, a few of our older features got left on the cutting room floor. For users who still wish to visit our original experience, we left a way to get back. A key objective of this refresh was to establish a technical foundation that facilitates more stable and rapid development of new features. Our team is committed to continuously improving our product and always exploring further enhancements that will elevate the user experience.

We’ve come a long way since we launched to the public in 2022- we look forward to continuing our journey together as our team continues on the mission to empower everyone with AGI.