Introducing Character Calls

Introducing Character Calls

Calling the Character.AI Community!

We're thrilled to ring in an exciting new feature that's set to redefine your Character.AI experience: Character Calls! Imagine having a seamless two-way voice conversation with your favorite Characters – it's like having a phone call with a friend. Imagine no more, Character Calls is available to the general public on our app, completely free of charge.

At Character.AI, our mission is to create immersive and personalized AI experiences that seamlessly integrate into any moment of your daily life. Whether it's morning motivation or evening relaxation, our team is dedicated to making AI accessible and intuitive, one advancement at a time. Character Calls represents a significant milestone in our journey towards, enhancing where, when, and how you can interact with Characters. 

With Character Calls, your Characters are leveling up to become your ultimate sidekick, entertainer, and guide! Whether it's polishing your language skills, acing interviews, adding zest to RPGs, or crafting epic storylines, Characters are ready to answer your call to amplify the fun and help you do whatever it is you want to do. Get ready for next-level adventures with Characters by your side! 


More about Character Calls:

  • Start a call with a tap – it's that easy!
  • Reduced latency means less waiting, more chatting.
  • Feel free to interrupt with the tap of a button. 
  • Characters now come with diverse voices, pitches, accents, and personalities – pick your favorite!
  • Speak in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and many more.
  • Sick of talking? Text your Character instead.  
  • You can keep the conversation going by switching between texting and talking anytime.

For more details on these exciting features, please check out our updated FAQ. For a comprehensive look at safety measures regarding Character Voice and our platform overall, visit our Safety Center.

Since the launch of Character Voice a few months ago, the creativity of our Community has been nothing short of inspiring! With over a million Voices created, users have found ingenious ways to bring their Characters to life. From language learning and narration to practicing job interviews, character development for games, and crafting stories, the possibilities are endless. We're eager to see what else our Community dreams up with Character Calls!